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Evide Impact Tracker

Impact Tracker is an online data application designed to help community and voluntary sector organisations to manage project data in one platform.


 Customize the application to capture what you need.


Streamline and manage project data in one platform.


Keep track of your contacts, engagements & sessions.


Create outcomes & indicators to measure change.


Analyze & report on KPIs, outputs & outcomes.


Demonstrate the impact of your work & prove you are making a difference.

Evide Impact Tracker Key Features

  • Streamline all project data in one platform

  • Customise data fields to capture and report on participant information specific to your organisation or funders

  • Create outcomes and indicators for your projects & programmes

  • Real time performance tracking of your soft & hard outcomes

  • Comprehensive outcomes reporting module with charts

  • Easily monitor and report on beneficiaries’ distance travelled on personal or activity level

  • Fast and flexible outputs reporting module

  • Record and report on project programmes, sessions, activities & events

  • Store confidential case notes, client issues & referral details

  • One to One case management

  • Capture clients personal and registration information

  • Monitor and report on participants’ attendance/engagement

  • Create evaluation and survey forms

  • Upload documents

  • Record correspondence and appointments with other professionals and collateral contacts

  • Centralize documents and spread sheets

  • Built in data validation checks

  • Tiered access levels to the software, hosted on secure servers with RackSpace

  • And Many More…

Pricing for Evide Impact Tracker

Lite (monthly)

£60monthly (inc vat)
  • Flexible Contract Period
  • 5 user accounts
  • 250 Contact Records
  • 5 hours Online Support
  • No Default Document Storage
  • Additional Users (Block of 5) +£6 p/m
  • Additional Contact Records (Block of 500) +£8 p/m
  • Document Storage (1gb) +£2.50 p/m

Core 12

£1200per annum (inc vat)
  • 12 Month Contract
  • 10 user accounts
  • 1000 Contact Records
  • 10 hours Online Support
  • 500mb Document Storage included
  • Additional Users (Block of 5) +£60 per annum
  • Additional Contact Records (Block of 500) +£75 per annum
  • Additional Document Storage (1gb) +£18 per annum

Core 24

£1080per annum (inc vat)
  • 24 Month Contract
  • 15 user accounts
  • 2000 Contact Records
  • 20 hours Online Support
  • 500mb Document Storage included
  • Additional Users (Block of 5) +£60 per annum
  • Additional Contact Records (Block of 500) +£75 per annum
  • Additional Document Storage (1gb) +£18 per annum

Core 36

£960per annum (inc vat)
  • 36 Month Contract
  • 20 user accounts
  • 3000 Contact Records
  • 20 hours Online Support
  • 500mb Document Storage included
  • Additional Users (Block of 5) +£60 per annum
  • Additional Contact Records (Block of 500) +£75 per annum
  • Additional Document Storage (1gb) +£18 per annum

User training costs £480 (inc vat)  per day.  Bespoke training packages available on request.

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About Evide

Evide is a ‘tech for good’ company that specialises in SaaS (software as a service). At Evide, we develop digital solutions for frontline organisations to provide evidence of their outcomes and impact.

Since 2010 we have specialised in social impact measurement through our online web application, Evide Impact Tracker. Impact Tracker allows users to streamline their project data in one platform, simplifying the data collection process to make it easier to analyse, monitor and prove their impact. The system is designed to encourage users to use data to identify patterns and trends within a project’s beneficiaries and services. Understanding its data and impact can help an organization to build their resources, capacity and skills to maximize their social and economic impact, sustainability and efficiency. Our social objective at Evide is to provide tech for good to enable community and voluntary sector organisations, and social enterprises to measure, understand, report and demonstrate the impact that their services have on the beneficiaries and communities they are delivered to.

With over ten years in the IT industry, our development team has extensive knowledge & expertise in providing SaaS (Software as a Service), Data Analytics and User Interface Design. We pride ourselves on using  open source technologies such as PHP and mySQL with secure servers, so we can pass the savings on to you; our clients.

Some of Our Clients

“We are very satisfied and happy to have found Impact Tracker for monitoring and tracking our services. During our relationship, Evide have developed a good understanding of our own vision and work flows and found a way to successfully complement our operations without causing any issues on our side. The tool has really helped the team track and report on the tremendous social impact that their work has on our communities” .

Eva Cook, Bron Afon

“Evide’s Impact Tracker has been of huge benefit to Triangle’s Supported Employment Service. It allows us to track each participant’s journey as they move through the different stages of our employment model, monitor work performance and record skills development. Impact Tracker has also been designed to assist ESF projects in the reporting of outcomes including distance travelled, as well as allowing projects to collect and analyse participant data.”

“Evide have been working with ASCERT for a number of years now. They have helped us to link our organisational activities to our core objectives (Strategic Outcomes) and to put in place the output/outcome indicators that we use to measure and report on the results/impact of all our services. They have customised Impact Tracker to our specific needs at a fraction of any other market solution, and have been on hand to talk through any support needed.”

John Hunsdale, ASCERT

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